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If you’re renting your own place or own a house, you know how expensive heating and cooling bills can become. While most of us make do with the systems we have installed, there are other, less costly alternatives that could save us money in the long run.

Window films are a great way to regulate the temperature inside your property, especially if the particular windows you’re going to coat are constantly hit by sunlight. Solar window films are specifically designed to keep out ultraviolet rays so you can regulate heat loss and gain any time of the year. They also reduce glare and make windows shatter resistant.

Types of Solar Window Films
There are a few types of solar window films, each with a specific purpose. Dyed films are the cheapest among the types and are commonly applied inside the window. Don’t expect a lifetime guarantee from this type of film, however, as dyed films tend to fade over time.

Deposited films are a complicated type but an experienced hand could make the job easy. This type of film makes use of several metals which are heated in a vacuum and then dispersed on to the film for protection against heat and sun.

Sputtered films are the most expensive of the four types and have a greater effectiveness than all the rest. The film makes use of over 30 types of metals and undergoes a similar process to deposited films. You can expect a longer staying power from this type. Hybrid films contain both dye and metals, depending on the necessities and features of your property.

Benefits of Solar Films
Solar window films, despite their high tech features, are fairly easy to install and remove, so you won’t have to worry about a tedious process if and when you need them or want them taken out. They’re also fairly cheaper if you consider the amount of cash you shell out on a monthly basis to pay for thermoregulatory systems. Finally, solar window films are an effective and environment friendly way to generate or lose heat any time of the year.

Considerations for Application
If your home or office is constantly battered by the heat of the sun, then you should think about having solar control window films installed. They’re a wonderful investment and a great way to cut back on extra costs and make big energy savings. It all depends on your personal comfort. If you’re still on the fence about whether you should have solar window films installed, consulting with a professional might ease the selection process.

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